Cycle Escapade in Thailand

The beauty of cycling in tropical Thailand, this is what my dreams were made of when I first came out here to work, back in 2009. I just knew I had to purchase a bicycle, it was as if this was my first priority. The passion of living an alfresco lifestyle and getting out there and sampling both the urban experience as well as the more attractive rural experience was gurgling away from within me. When all said and done, to me there is no better way to soak up one’s country than getting on your bike and cycling.DSCF4725

For me, the sense of adventure, to cycle in remote landscapes, experience the culture, the people, the Buddhist Temples and then of course there is the wildlife. Yes, Thailand has lots of that and over 200 varieties of snakes: pythons, vipers, pit vipers, cobras, kraits and sea snakes.

Michael Davis, the Bali Indonesia Experience
I think he wants to play ” Snakes and Ladders’ with me

The best way to explore, I decided was by bicycle. Getting lost in Bangkok’s concrete jungle was a daunting prospect, not to mention the traffic. Yes, road fatalities here are the second highest in the world after Libya. Nevertheless, the challenge was still far too irresistible, motivated by the freedom that I knew only comes from cycling. Although being vigilant I would have to be. DSCF7372'''''

This blog site is for those of you who are interested in cycling and tourism and seeing places of interest. It is my endeavour to share these experiences with you, hopefully in a fascinating way that will intrigue you. Cycling is my passion and nothing more excites me than cycling escapades. Thailand is slowly coming to terms with cycle tourism, but there is plenty to see out here, that’s if you don’t mind the sizzling weather, and getting all sweaty in the event. So if you are new to this blog site, I hope you enjoy the experience and if nothing else I hope it gets your adrenaline going. Thank you for your time.DSCF2757

Before I start, I would like to pay a big thanks to all the people of Thailand and other foreign nationals that I have come across on my travels, as without them this would not be quite the same and of course to my wife who has encouraged me along the way.17b

As one American from Boston said to me recently, there is no other country like it in the world, ‘Thailand is such a wonderful place to cycle in and it’s so challenging in many different ways.

Michael Davis, the Bali Indonesia experience
A fisherman being silhouetted by the sunset



as never planned to turn out like this, but my desire to explore Bangkok and the surrounding areas just happened by chance. I was bored and wanted desperately to exercise and an excuse for adventure. So I went out and bought myself a bicycle. It was easier and cheaper to do it that way than by private car.

This blog is for those of you who are interested in the beauty of Thailand possibly looking at it from a different point of view. I hope to share with you my experiences of cycling and adventures around Thailand. This may take some time to do; please be patient sit back and enjoy.

Before I start, I would like to pay a big thanks to all the people of Thailand and other foreign nationals that I have stumbled across on my travels. Thailand is a wonderful place, with wonderful people and a interesting culture. Everyone should come here, especially if you are out for adventure.