For many years I wanted to do this cycle but just never got around to it. The fact that it was too far from where I lived. About a year ago, I set off to cycle it and since then, I have enjoyed the quiet scenic roads.

Sam Phran Road

Annie (my wife) suggested cycling it today as it was the last day of Songkran. We decided we would video it too. The route was only about 17km long. Much of it is rural, with orchid channels all over the place.

We parked at the Wat Song Khanong, in Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom. In the temple ground, there were some cannonball trees Couroupita guianensis. Another type of tree had quite a few wasp nests.

A cannonball tree, Couroupita guianensis
Me and a cannonball tree, Couroupita guianensis
Cannonball trees Couroupita guianensis

The building in the Wat complex was magnificent, designed in typical Thai fashion.

One of the many temple buildings.
Entrance to the Wat Song Khanong.

On the first part of our cycle, ratchaphruek trees seemed to follow us along the narrow roads. They were all in full bloom, giving the road a golden lining. In one part of our cycle, we came across cashew nuts growing. We were advised by a local not to pick it. Not that we any intention to do that.

Ratchaphruek trees lining the road with gold.

The fruit here grew all over the place. We passed bananas, jackfruit and mangoes. The lush vegetation was all over the place, especially next to the orchid channels.

Orchid Channels
Cashew nuts
Annie taking a selfi infront of magoes.

Later, we decided to call in at a vegetarian Café & Bistro called Madi. We had been here before on several occasions. As we wheeled in our bikes, they played ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline.

Madi Cafe & Bistro

The restaurant was down by the Tha Chin River. It was quiet here, which was what we wanted. The occasional river craft navigated the river, but this was not as busy as the Chao Phraya River (the one that meanders through Bangkok).

Me at the Madi

Here I had carbonara and Coke. After the meal, we relaxed even though it was only 11 am. Two other groups were also enjoying the moment. Social distancing strictly being observed.


With our cycle nearly complete, we continued. It was now hot. Annie had stated earlier that she loved cycling around here as the trees always sheltered her from the sun’s intensity and kept the temperatures down somewhat.

Madi Cafe & Bistro

As we slowly followed the winding roads, we crossed over the Tha Chin River. There on the river were several females in canoes. They seemed to be happy to see us, and likewise, we were pleased to see them. This cycle is perfect if you like to be out in the open, surrounded by plants and trees and away from the busy roads. In not a long cycle either, only about 17 km.

Female canoeing down the Tha Chin River
Our cycle video around the Sam Phran Road cycling