My parents came over for a month, from the very first day, my dad stated that he really should have gone for his hair cutting. Knowing an excellent hairdresser near Khao San Road, we decided it would be a good idea to head out to that part of the city, if only for my dad to get his hair cut and for them to sample the nightlife.

As anybody who as visited Khao San Road, they will tell you that is more for the younger generation rather than for a couple of seventy-year olds.

We dropped my parents off at the BTS Bang Wa station and my wife and I went to park our car in the Siam University Complex.

Eventually, we caught our boat and headed out towards Khao San Road. We passed the massive and very stylish looking ICONSIAM Shopping Centre, which was right beside the Chao Phraya River.

We also passed the usual monuments and sights along the way. My favourite being the Temple of Dawn.

The Temple of Dawn

On arriving at the pier nearest Khao San Road, we quickly hurried off for the place where my dad could get his hair cut. This was undoubtedly a long way to go just for a trim.

After the barbers, we headed back towards the centre of Khao San Road. I had no idea what my parents would make of it. I promised them that it would certainly be an eye-opener, and wasn’t it just.

We all headed out for something to eat. On the way, we came across a woman selling already cooked spiders and scorpions on skewers. Unfortunately, none of us fancied eating that. Although I must confess, I was curious to know what scorpion tasted like but declined the offer.

We eventually found somewhere to eat. Khao San Road was as busy as usual. It was two days before the New Year, so as you could imagine, it was heaving with people.

I had promised my parents that this place was certainly different. A stone throws away from where we had dinner, we came across an alligator on a spit, all ready for the taking.

We slowly made our way back, to the pier, through the narrow alleyways with walls crowded with merchandise. There was nowhere were people were trying to sell their products.

We caught out boat that would now take us downstream. It was well and truly dark now, which meant everything that was on the side of the river that was worth seeing would soon be all illuminated.

Sailing down the Chao Phraya River, nothing looks more inspiring than the Temple of Dawn, the Rama VIII Bridge and the number of floating platforms in the shape of the tourist boats.

As we neared towards the end of the journey, we passed the ICONSIAM again, this time it looked more impressive than it was some hours ago during the day time. Annie, (my wife) stated, I want you to take me there for my birthday. Hopefully, that hadn’t anything to do with the sign suggesting that Tiffany & Co had a shop here.