Thailand has many beautiful and wonderful places, non so much as intriguing has the Ancient City, Samutprakan. This is a place where you will find many of the wonders of the Ancient Thailand.

I had been there before back in 2012. Then I went with my girlfriend, now my wife. We enjoyed ourselves looking around and enjoying ourselves.

This time, I had my parents with me. So, we travelled around on one of their electric trams. These trams. This allowed us to go around the park, but they chose the monuments that we saw in the two hours for the excursion.

The previous time we went, we hired bicycles. This gave us the time to cycle around, making the most of the day.The put you in the picture, there are over 120 monuments, temples, Buddha statues, pagodas and palaces to visit. You don’t have to travel the country to see the splendor that Thailand has to offer.

For those who are wanting to use the tour guides as your hosts, many of them have difficulty in translating all that they know into English. All the monuments on display are numbered and there are recordings for you lo listent to via headphones.

The park itsef is beautifully laid out and you didn’t have to walk miles to see them.

The driver of the electric tram needless to say did his best in the limited time we had. Nodoubt offering us the best that they had to offer. There were times were we just drove past many of what I’m sure we thought looked interesting.

We stopped every so often. Anything you had missed, you si,ply had to go back on yourself. Not too bad for a healthy fifty year old, but for my elderly parents, this was no as easy.

This is probably why I much prefered to cycle around as I had done back in 2012.

There is certainly lots to see. Plenty of markets and places to buy food and drink.

Like all museum pieces, you can certainly learn an awful lot about a country’s crown jewles, and these monuments are definately that.

There are many fountains around. Some of them are extremely attractive, while others are much simpler. All the same, they are very attractive. the flowers that were in bloom were very attractive too.

The developers of this sight have tried very hard to make this place look very realistic, especially with their water features.

On the river feature they have tried successfully to imitate roay barge procession.

When my now wife came here back in 2012, we were much more relaxed. We were able to do crazy things and have a good laugh, which you cant always do when your parents are around.

It is amazing that all this and much, much more comes together in one fantastic part and it is only a stones throw away from Bangkok.

This has got to be a place to visit if you are in Thailand. You can’t see everything in Thailand, but here you will get a good glimpse of what Thailand has to offer.