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An on going adventure story about Michael Davis's cycling in the wonderful Kingdom of Thailand

About Michael Davis’ travel blog

Cycle Escapade in Thailand

It was never planned to turn out like this, but my desire to explore Bangkok and the surrounding areas just happened by chance. I was bored and wanted desperately to go exploring, which gave me the perfect excuse for exercise. So I went out and bought myself a bicycle. It was easier and cheaper to do it that way than by private car.

Cycling is by far the best and most environmental way to get around the magnificent and wonderful provinces of Thailand, regardless of how old or new they are. Cycling, for me was the ideal introduction to my neighbourhood and to escapade beyond the local horizons just aroused my passion of cycling.

If nothing else, cycling is good for your mind, good for your heart and cycling on ones own allows you to really get to know yourself and of your capabilities as a cyclist. Remember, ‘he travels the fastest who travels alone.’ Rudyard Kipling

This blog is for those of you who are interested in the sheer beauty of Thailand and the delightful people, both rich and poor; possibly looking at it from a different dimension. I hope to share with you my experiences of escapade around Thailand. This may take some time to do; please be patient sit back and enjoy. Cycling can be extremely pleasurable especially cycling in tropical Thailand. But at times ones health can get the better of you and so can the impediments of the terrain and the weather.

Before I start, I would like to pay a big thanks to all the Thailand people that I have met and come across on my travels, as without them my experiences would not have been the same. Thailand is a wonderful place, with wonderful people and an interesting culture for all. Everyone should come here, if only for a once in a life time experience. Thailand is open for business, and this is ultimately the place to seek adventure. I came here for a holiday back in 2008 and ended up staying here – it’s wonderful.

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