The 28th of January had always been the date of my wife’s birthday since we first knew each other five years ago. The date of the Chinese New Year had played little if any importance in my existence; as far as I was concerned it was just another date.

Today was Saturday and with everything that had gone on last year and this year, I had nearly forgotten about this date, the time had gone that fast, although she’d had her present well in advance.

I wanted dearly to do something special for her birthday, like take her out for a meal. We had a standing joke regarding meals out, in that we’d go somewhere that was: nice, quiet, romantic and cheap.

When I left for work on Saturday, I asked her to ring around knowing quite well that many places would already be fully booked with it being the Chinese New Year. As requested she rung around and eventually, she found a place known as the ‘Park Society’ in the Silom Area that overlooked my beloved Lumpini Park.

So, in the evening, after work, that’s where we headed for. We got off the BTS train at Sala Daeng and walked along Rama IV Road to the restaurant. The restaurant was very nice, to start off with we enjoyed cocktails on the outdoor rooftop. Me acting daft, while Annie was all refined.

Me being silly for Annie’s Birthday
Annie being herself

The restaurant overlooked the view of Lumpini Park in all its splendour, especially with them having a tourist theme going on – no doubt to coincide with the Chinese New Year.

Lumpini Park, with the Megalopolis in the background

Looking onto Lumpini Park from up here was strange, there in our midst was a small patch of green, with lawns, trees, and lakes surrounded by a man-made concrete jungle, a megalopolis in the making. Even the peddle boats as they glided slowly across the lakes looked interesting. The masses of people in the park certainly looked interesting as they filled the park roads up as the glanced at the stalls. This always seemed a busy and exciting park to be in.

As dusk developed into twilight and into the night, the illumination of the park caught our attention. Even the busy Rama IV Road was a spectacle being rather high up as the lights glistened and shimmered through the trees. I got talking to a couple from Manchester and Blackpool, they were teachers over here and they certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves out here, but who doesn’t.

Twilight sets in and the park becomes an illumination

While we talked to each other a strange object flew past, we presumed it was a drone with a couple of helium balloons attached to it, is that possible?

Strange object flies across the sky, at times at speed

The meal was very nice, we decided to eat in the covered part of the restaurant that served a la carte. I ordered a beef dish, while Annie had lobster. We chattered about the magic of the place, the romanticism was certainly there. We seemed to be the only ones there, but it was quite early, it did fill up as the evening went on.

Our meals arrived, looking tantalizingly moth watering, much better than what we had imagined. The aromas swirled around our noses teasing our senses like ecstasy as our saliva glands went into overdrive. We timidly took our first mouthful and savoured the delights of the exquisite cooking; gastronomy down to a tee. To complement the dish, we had a glass of wine apiece, actually, I think I had two. The meal was delicious and if nothing else I hoped that Annie my wife had enjoyed the evening. We sat there enchanted by each other company, at peace with each other and still madly in love, with all the charm and respect that goes hand-in-hand with that.

Annie and me with her Birthday cake compliments to Park Society

To complete the meal on this special occasion, the staff presented Annie with a gesture of a small chocolate brownie as a birthday cake, a lovely way to round off the day with, to which both ate with pleasure.

As we went I couldn’t resist in taking one or two more photographs from up here, this had been a wonderful evening out, on such a special birthday occasion.

The busy junction of Rama IV Road, Sathon Road and Wireless Road
The rooftop area of the Park Society, classy and sleek